Happy Birthday Mum!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Mum, Always Young, Always Pretty, Always Happy, Always Love You ~~~

Daddy & DouDou

Sunny Anzac Day and First Chop Stick

Today is the first sunny anzac day for many years, when break, people bring their kids to the playground to celebrate. One little surprise from DouDou is she can use chop stick, not in a perfect way but totally functional :)

A Good Easter Break

So much rain since beginning of 2012, seems from memory the no more than 20 sunny days for the past quarter. Many place get flooded, luckily not affect where we live.

Also busy season for work since the company facing one of the two major release per year in April and I am manage to meet the target.  For Abbie, everyday is holiday still, and for us just the opposite way. She can logically interpret most of the questions, and creatively answer some very difficult ones, although she cannot go to toilet totally by herself, but she can tell you whenever she needs to. Physical condition, 92cm and 15kg, the weight does not changed but the height keep increasing.  She caught a cold and was sicked for the whole week, when she recovered, the other family member start to catch the virus from where she left.


The first 4 months always passed by in a heart beat, Easter is the first check point towards the end of the year, Abbie is too young to enjoy this event, maybe from next year, she might be more and more excited whenever the big event approaches. She need story time now, her favourite story is three little pigs, when I tell the story, I made one of the characters to be her, the name is Pig DouDou. Family events still growing, some big dinners in recent few weeks. Her 2nd semester swimming class just finished before Easter, as expected Abbie cannot swim by her self along, all she can do is tight with a floater and hold some body then splash. Also she can do a pretty good monkey walk too :) .  She learned a few new songs remember a few new words. every 2 or 3 days, she give us a happy surprise by make up some new words by her self.

Is the year of dragon, it will be year of unstable, things always changing, challenge everywhere so does the opportunity. Hopefully all the people we love and love us can enjoy and have a great time.