Teeth coming

Nothing changed for her apart from doudou’s gum become harder and harder, and she eat whatever she can reach including mum and dad’s face.  I think it’s a symbol of the teeth will come very soon.

Having a visit to some web site like this one. Looks like good protection should start even before the teeth get come out. One of my friends said that his boy start to grow teeth very late, about 1 year old still only have two teeth in the mouth, however during Christmas period, all of sudden like the pop corn effect, bumm~~ he got full teeth in his mouse :-)

Anyway let see how it goes.

You’re leave to have a baby!!!

It’s a very hot and humid today and it’s doudou’s mum last day for work before leave. She brought home a bag of gifts from her friend and a Card (see picture) with all the best wishes in it. Thanks for all of you!!!