Dragon Boy Arrived, Hello World!!!


He arrived into this world in a totally unexpected time with an express delivery. less than 2 hours from home to the delivery even shorter than my team meeting. : )

Well done mum!! Well done little boy!!

Who’s in that Vehicle

Guess who’s in that ambulance? That photo was taken on 26th of April 2009, when I was following an ambulance to RNH. My dear wife almost faint when she walks in the room. In my life, the first time I called the 000 for an ambulance. After a short period of waiting, two ladies appear in front of my house, followed by a few general questions and routine check, we are on our way to the hospital. There you see the picture above. Oh, my dear mum also in that ambulance sitting beside my wife.

What happened next? after a few hours in Emergency Department, checked by different doctors then an Ultrasound test, the doctor showed us on screen with an little tiny “thing” which is the our first meet with DouDou. At that time she was smaller than a peanut, however we can clearly see the heart beat on the screen. How exciting can that be!! The Doc said, during early pregnancy, different woman has different experience, faint is one of the syndrome.  We were discharged from the hospital at 5pm.

Now you know who’s in that Vechicle: Two Mum and Two Daughter.