2011 ~ 2012 Before Chinese New Year

Almost 2 month since last post. clock is ticking as usual. now it is 2012, according to the movie, everyone need to jump into the boat to escape the end of the world. :)

Looking back 2011, for our family it is not too bad: almost every new year resolution we made at the beginning of 2011 was fulfilled (should be set the target a bit higher :D ), the only one left behind is one day one word for daddy. hopefully I will pickup from this year. now it is time to make the 2012 resolution:

  • 1. All families healthy & happy
  • 2. Get fit: drop weight and keep looking nice.
  • 3. Enjoy life as well as work: have good time with family, have good time @work
  • 4. Keep updated: this is must have for now.
  • 5. $$$$: not top wish, but good to have :)
  • 6. Construction project going well.
  • 7. All trouble go away.
  • 8. Find good investment.
  • 9. Overseas Trip/Holiday:
  • 10. Secret Wish … :)

Here is a few summary of what’s going on for the past two month with Abbie. most of the friends cross the 2 years barrier, we had a few birthday party to join and of course one of the part is Abbie’s. We also had a wonderful X-mas vacation with other two families @ empire bay, 3 days 2 nights trip seems too short for 3 little ones.  They see the crocodile, feed the turtles, touch the snakes, nothing more exciting than that, for adults, they either too happy to describe or too drunk to remember :D

Physical condition is good, 14kg and 88cm. eat well sleep well, however she just getting a little naughty and sometime behave not so good. Brain developing well, she can remember more than 100 words that from a large block of paragraph in the poem but she is not so interested with it. Her best progress is in singing and dancing.

Making a few new little ones, doudou mum really like to communicate with other mums to exchange the knowledge they had with their kids. This circle will growing and growing until we all get old.

There is not much changed for mum & dad life. similar working situation. Everything seems pretty good. I did not take extra leave rather the normal public holiday however I feel that this years xmas is better than any one during the past.

We went to the NanTian Temple at the beginning of 2012 to see the Buddha and seek for the inner peace. I remember the last time we went there when Abbie cannot crawl, this time she with us, now u see the little one grow really fast.

2010 Resolution

  • 1.DouDou Become Healthy 1 Year Old Girl.
  • 2. More Investment Needed.
  • 3. Happy Families.
  • 4. Body Weight Drop to 72kg.
  • 5. Continue get something new.
  • 6. Keep Focused
  • 7. One Day One Word.
  • 8. Enough Sleep.
  • 9. Help Others
  • 10. Big Step along Career Path

Year 2009 Resolution Summary

Here is the list for 2009:

  • 1.Baby Coming.
  • 2. New Investment.
  • 3. Family United.
  • 4. Fit in Fitness.
  • 5. Learn Something New (Career Related).
  • 6. Tame the Bulge
  • 7. Improve My English.
  • 8. Get Organised.
  • 9. Help Others
  • 10. Get 100k Salary or New Job : )

I made this list on 26/Jan/2009, now almost a year passed, let me check how many of them were fullfilled:

  • baby already said “hello world”, Pass. :)
  • For the previous year, even you pick the stock using you toe and making judegement using you knee, you can at least earn 25% profit. For dummy like me, making some profit is enough. Pass. :)
  • mum’s here, in law is here. new daughter born. Pass. :)
  • emm, this hard to judge, I estimated that I lost 5 gram per day overall, I drop 4 kilos since DouDou was born. This isn’t that dramatic. Fail. :(
  • I learned MVC, LINQ someother new concept, really haven’t heavily used so far, however be prepared. Pass. :)
  • I haven’t got  6 pack yeat, still 5 to go. Fail. :(
  • One day one word is my aiming. Pass. :)
  • Orgnised, haven’t really applied this yet, however once baby comes, all parent will have this ability automatically. Pass. :)
  • I help ppl whenver I know they are in trouble. I give this a Pass. :)
  • Haven’t got 100k plus yet again, however will try in 2010 or even further. Fail. :(