Mum Back to Work, DouDou Hipop, Spain Wins FIFA Cup

This morning, Spain won its first FIFA Cup title, beat Dutches 1:0, DouDou’s father get up at 5am enjoy this final. He will went to bed early today. Well done Spain.

spain flag

Another big event for this family is, after 7 month after giving birth to DouDou, Super mum back to work today. it is, according to her, a very fast day comparing the time she spend at home when taking care of DouDou. :)

To celebrate this moment, we dressed our baby girl with little jeans and a red sneaker. :) The whole family just have a lot of fun!!!

One More Week to Go!!!!

It’s been two weeks since DouDou’s mum stay at home, According to the Doctor, it’s the last week before the final due date. It will be the most exciting week for new parents like us (we been excited since the day one anyway).

The time we experienced during pregnancy, interestingly, I start to understand who my parents are to me and what this is really all about, I start to appreciate them from a different way. For certain things only you can understand if you are the person who gets involved, you dawned for that moment. I believe I will discover more in the future, Plus I will leave this theory for my kids to identify during their journey of life.

All right, hold my thought, this is too serious for my little DouDou to worry about. Two words for now: Be Prepared!!!