Mum Back to Work, DouDou Hipop, Spain Wins FIFA Cup

This morning, Spain won its first FIFA Cup title, beat Dutches 1:0, DouDou’s father get up at 5am enjoy this final. He will went to bed early today. Well done Spain.

spain flag

Another big event for this family is, after 7 month after giving birth to DouDou, Super mum back to work today. it is, according to her, a very fast day comparing the time she spend at home when taking care of DouDou. :)

To celebrate this moment, we dressed our baby girl with little jeans and a red sneaker. :) The whole family just have a lot of fun!!!

Seven Month Old & FIFA Cup Final

11/07/2010 will be her seventh month in this world. Pretty much everything stays same as previous month, she is getting bigger and heavier. She had her first McDonald trip which is unavoidable for a kid living here. Since being hungry for a couple hours, DouDou’s Daddy had two big mac burger plenty chips and chicken nuget … now his stomac is full of junk …

Dutch and Spain went to the FIFA Cup Finals, one of them will be the new championship. My preference is the Dutches. Go for it. 

Again, as usual here are some pictures for this month:

Brazil go home, Grandpa go home, DouDou having breakfast

Finally Netherland beat Brazil, become the first team through the semi finals. Netherland is DouDou daddy’s favorite team for his childhood for two reasons:

  1. The color is orange
  2. Ruud Gullit‘s hair style is very attractive

and there is nothing to do with soccer. Anyway, congratulate to the Dutches, Hopefully they can win their first crown.

Tomorrow, Grandpa will finish his holiday and head back to China. When next time he meet doudou, she will start walking and running. All the best Grandpa.

There are some changes for DouDou after her sixth month. She can sleep longer and pattern is build up. She can sit quite well and rolling quite well. Still a very heavy girl at her age as she is above 9 kg already. Good baby, once the pattern was setup, mum can go back to work easily!