The second thing we learned is how to bath the baby, the step is pretty the same as illustrated from the video,

  • Wet the clean paper wipe, use four Conrer for cleaning two eyes two ears, and the rest for the whole face, when clean the eyes don’t wipe too hard just clean the sticky thing that would be all right
  • For the body pretty straightforward wipe and clean then u ready for th bath
  • Check if the temperature is suitable for the baby. When you put you hand in the water make sure you feel warm not hot.
  • Holding the baby with one arm, put her head against your elbow, using the same hand lock her arm, using the other hand to lock the root of the lag on the same side. Now the baby is ready for a little fun in the water.


As you can image, when we preparing for the bath she was crying for the whole stage, however as soon as the mid wife put her under the water, she stop crying and with a very satisfication emotion on her little face. Now I have a nice and clean baby!!