11 June 2010, 6 months after her date of birth, South Africa FIFA 2010 start kick off. Before  doudou’s daddy turn himself into the world cup mode, here is the udpate for what happened for the last month:


  • Max and Smart Lin’s baby girl arrived. Her name is Keyleen.
  • Mum is preparing back to work. However before she went back to work, we need to teach doudou so that she can still sleep and eat without mum.
  • 6 month examination complete. Everything is fine. However the doctor told doudou’s mum that doudou is a big girl. Yes, her leg at this moment is very like a rugby player in NRL. :) . Also the doctor suggest that she needs to play by her self on the hard wood and start to use the training cup.
  • Stilling learning how to be a baby and getting familiar with this world. To be a baby isn’t that easy, she need to face the changes on her body everyday, learning new things step by step then she can experience all wonderful things during her life.

Finally show some pictures taken during last month!! and good luck Socceroo!!!!