Day 29!!!

Almost a month passed, my dear wife enjoyed her one-month-stay and ready for grand re appearing in front of the public. :)

During month, DouDou quickly growing, she is now more than 4kg and almost 54cm long. Her face changed a lot, when we compare the photos taken in the early days, there is a big difference.

We have build our own routine, so does DouDou.

DouDou or DouDou?


When I clean the book shelf, I find the fluffy little mice that I bought more than a years ago has the same name as “Dou Dou”. This DouDou I bought for my wife as a valentine’s gift. I also remember that was the Year of Rat. However this time, my wife will bring another DouDou, who will be born during the Year of Ox

Mr Octopus

Mr Octopus

Get a lovely poster for doudou’s room, simple and colorful. DouDou will love it~~~