Dragon Boy Arrived, Hello World!!!


He arrived into this world in a totally unexpected time with an express delivery. less than 2 hours from home to the delivery even shorter than my team meeting. : )

Well done mum!! Well done little boy!!

Happy Birthday Mum!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Mum, Always Young, Always Pretty, Always Happy, Always Love You ~~~

Daddy & DouDou

Summary for the Last Quarter

It’s been a while since our last post. it was a very busy month for everyone in this family. DouDou now turn into a toddler, very active everywhere, getting excited for new things around her. whenever she can get the chance to do by herself she won’t let that chance go.

  • She can remember a lot of things, know a few songs, know how to operate iPad, iPhone and my Nikon Camera, she even know how to use the finger to unlock the sprint board on iPad/iPhone, then select her favorite program such as YouTube for watching the sesame street show or Album for watching her previous pictures. I am afraid our next generation will be controlled by iOS.
  • Her food pattern does not changed, still follow previous pattern with just a little bit of salt and extra ingredients. Sleep pattern pretty much fixed: around 2 hours during the day, and 9 hours during the night. She become physically much stronger, take more heavy stuff, drag heavy toys etc. We also notice that this toddler is very organize, She will put the toy back to the original place after she played.
  • 78cm & 13.2kg is her current status after taking exam from the local Early Childhood Center yesterday. She had bad temper sometime. according to the doctor, it is due to in this stage, the toddler become very independent, they also can understand more things that before, buildup their own feeling about thing they getting in touched, however my things not developed so well is the ability to speak. that’s why when they cannot express themselves, they become upset and angry. the best way to handle this will be ignore what they performed. however we find it is not that useful to DouDou
  • It is winter time, the weather became so unpredictable some day very hot in the morning and turn very cold and windy just half an hour. How much cloth to put on really depends where she want to go. She caught a flue recently the whole family turn into a mass because of this. The teeth still growing slowly, she had a few flat ones will ready to come out from the gum, the doctor said it is ready encourage her to use the brush.
  • Also the language skill improved day by day, more clear to call the name, more easy to understand what she want, I think she will start to speak before 2 year old.

Here are some major events happened during this period of time: