Dragon Boy Arrived, Hello World!!!


He arrived into this world in a totally unexpected time with an express delivery. less than 2 hours from home to the delivery even shorter than my team meeting. : )

Well done mum!! Well done little boy!!

DouDou Arrived, “Hello World”

First Picture

It was a little unexpected that DouDou arrived today, 2 days earlier than the due date. I was in deep sleep when DouDou’s Mum wake me up saying she start to feel the contraction, I wasn’t aware that after 5 hours I will meet my first baby.

what’s happened next is I drive to the hospital, it was early in the morning, took me around 15 mins to get in RHS Delivery Suit, a Malaysian-Australian mid wife examined DouDou’s Mum says that she will have a baby this morning. Yahoo! I was very glad to hear that, totally ignored that my dear wife was suffer the pain on the bed. However it is the first time in my life to feel how tough she was. As being told by almost every woman she knows that how painful it was during the delivery process, and almost all woman choose epidural for the first baby. I was totally prepared that she need such a thing as well. Amazingly she only use the gas provided, later on she told me that the gas just like nothing but keep her mouth shut, as when she put the cube into her mouth, she cannot scream but breath the gas in, “What a wonderful idea!!” it was my first reaction, however I did not speak that out.

The delivery process was called the third stage. Suddenly, 8 more doctors nurses and mid wife walk in. I know the final moment is coming, my dear wife tried her best to give a few good pushes. I bet it is her first time to use that amount of energy. One of the mid wife was very very kind, I don’t her name however I want to show special respect to her for her professional behavior advice and attitude. This process last for around an hour.

The final touching moment comes when the baby was pushed out from her mother’s body, the little purple thing even keep her eyes open when she came out. OMG, that was the most wonderful moment I ever had during my life, after days and nights waiting, hundreds of time image how the baby looks like, feeling unlimited number of kicks & punches on her mum’s tummy, finally I see her now. Maybe different people have different experience, to me that feeling is not strong however last very very long. Baby was crying, my wife was exhausted, doctors and nurses smiling, me, smiling with tears in my eyes.

I cut the cord as instructed by the doctor, wow, I am a daddy now and all thanks to my great wife to bring such a wonderful little thing to me. I don’t want to express how painful the process is however I do want to show how tough my wife is, please remember she only use gas as the pain relieve. For those who having a baby next, you will know what I am talking about.

The little girl keep her eyes open for a little while tring to work out why suddently everything was so different, I guess her little brain was too tired to do further calculation, as the result she started her first sleep. My mind was full of joy, cannot think of anything but little DouDou, trying to remember every thing from her little face.