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It’s almost the end of  November, another year passed. Daddy just turn into 30s, from now on for a while he will celebrate 30s birthday every year :D . Thanks for mummy, doudou, Grandma and everybody. Daddy had a nice Sushi plate, a shining gift, a great looking cake and a wonderful moment.

It take a while for us to settled in the new home, a lot of unpack and repack, things everywhere, the good news is we all like the new neighborhood, it just a few blocks away from the old home. DouDou like the packing box very very much, she can play in the box for an hour without feeling tired. I took a series photo named “Box Control II”. here is one example.


Normal everyday routine for us, go shopping, go to park, go home, eat drink and then sleep. that is pretty much what doudou did in the previous month except she learn new things everyday. Sometime she talk in a really funny way, therefore I create a new category called “Dou Say” which will record the funny phase from the little one. check here

Grandma is going back to China for sometime, she’s been taking care of doudou during the previous 14 month. She does a fabulous job. When she left, for 1 week, mummy is in control of everything. It was a wonderful week as we can eat outside such as local restaurant, McDonald, IKEA …  and daddy can sleep along in the study room.

Also making a few new friends and hangout together. :)

here are some videos & photo and links for some great moment.

Typical October
Sherry Coming
IKEA Lunch
One Day Italy
Putney with Renee

this is when doudou is dancing with Renee @ putney park, that is one of the most happiest day for last period. You can tell she is really happy.

this is when Sherry is visiting us they have a great time too.