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From today, we have to wake up 1 hour earlier than yesterday. Look back last quarter everyone was doing what they should do: Abbie growing up as usual, she knows ABC, “how are you”, count from 1 to 10 and some other basic language, her swimming and dancing skill also grow very well. There are some hiccup such as fever and running nose but she gets recovered very quickly. Mummy and Daddy was busy as usual, packing things, selling house, finding new place to live … fortunately everything was developed as expected, not much surprise. Daddy got another contract at PwC, much easy to transport and save some time on the road. Grandma will on trip at the end of this month. Extra hand needed to take care of DouDou.

What’s happened outside this family? looks apart from this magic land everywhere is in trouble, seems everywhere is short of money. Double dip started? should we bought share like the early 2008? It is funny that all kinds of stupid policy been published trying to solve this situation but all seems to ignore the fact all the disasters were caused by one instinct of human being: greedy. Who said capitalise is the cure for everything? Anyway, when I saw this happy chasing video, all I can see is this wonderful moment.

No more public holiday until the Christmas, two month time is a blink of eyes for busy family with a little walker. and I am sure that after 1 or 2 years, we will take her to the theme park, picnic and other parties. DouDou will have her 2nd birthday two month later, well done !! :D . She might start the challenge by going to the day care a few month later.

What’s next? Building new home will take 6-8 month to finish, the project will kick start after the new year, hopefully next labour day we can celebrate in the new home.

Here are some pictures loaded last period