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Starting this month we had: 3 birthday, 3 Wedding, unforgettable happy October for everyone!!

  • YiYi celebrate her 1st birthday on the 1st of Oct.
  • Miss Xu finish her single status on a very memorable day: 10 Oct 2010. Since her hubby is also a programmer, we call that day “101010″ the binary day. Great weather for that day indicate all the best for the new couple. DouDou’s cry during the ceremony also add a few texture for this wonderful moment.
  • Mr Hong finish his single happy free status and throw himself into a totally unknown world which he dreamed for years. The king of Karaoke organize the ceremony in his favorite way. All the best for Hong and his wife Susan.
  • Maddie become 1 year old, it’s the 2nd birthday party for this month that DouDou is on the list. Again a great afternoon with a dozen of little fellows around Maddie, she is so beautiful and so happy, she is so lucky since she had the best parent and a lots of friends.
  • Alex Yin had his wedding in China, we could not attend but we still send our best wishes. Happy forever!!!
  • Daddy had his birthday on 13th this month, of course it was a great day for the whole family, Mum & DouDou prepare the ceremony for Daddy, thanks for all, Grandma cook her best dish for me, the card, the cake also the great great birthday present: iPad! Thanks my dear wife, how do you know that I love to have this gadget? MuHaHaHa~~~~

Those are major events for this month. For DouDou, two changes happened.

  • More responding to conversations from daddy, mum. She now understand a few words.
  • Two teeth finally come out from the gum, very cute. Now we can throw her a big chunk of fruit instead of smash it first.


For more photo check the Album as usual.