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Although we had a very hard time since doudou was born, however all of sudden she is eight month now. When going through the picture we took early days after she was born, we realised that a lot things happened, and it still the beginning of the story.  Therefore, for those who is having a baby or will have a baby, the suggestion is: when you have some extra time, take photos or videos regularly, when you reviewing them every two or three month, you will find it is so much fun, at least at this moment for me.

Well nothing changed on her body, she become stronger and stronger. She cannot crawl yet, but she can manage to move from one place to another via different combinations: rolling first, belly moving then rolling again. If she holds your cloth, she can manage to stand up totally by herself. Also, she does not like seat at all, all she want is to stand up and walk which she cannot right now.

Since yesterday, she start to clearly say “ma ma” , of course mum is very happy but I doubt doudou knows what “ma ma” means in this stage. She still have solid together with formula, She is more then 10kg now, we will have another examination this Weekend, we will see what doctor says.

DouDou have some new dress from Grandma, Here are a few photos, Enjoy :-)