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Another month just passed, nothing major change for DouDou, only add some extra weight on her body. She is very solid comparing some of other babies some of them even one month older than her.

  DSC_0075 DSC_1101

Start feeding her solid food, very little amount of smashed rice or pumpkin, she really love and doesn’t want to stop. Also we find she like read the book more precisely she like some read the book for her. When we read the book, she will become very quite and seems pretty enjoy the story.

Comparing her fifth month after birth, 4th May 2010, is her grandpa’s 60th birthday. Hopefully when doudou grow up, she can understand how big this gap is. A lot things happened during this two generations, the family shifted from northern atmosphere to southern part. Her dad and mum spend their 1/3 of life living in this place which become their home. The world is changing as well, increasing population, DouDou is one of them. When time goes by, somebody will show on the stage and somebody will quit.

The other day I discuss with doudou’s mum, why having a child? One answer that I can think of is: “you can bring your missing memory back”. When we are babies, we don’t have much way to record how we looks like rather than a few film photo. Now I have a child, when I watching her, I feel the baby laying on the bed is actually myself, she is repeating what I was doing 30 years ago and I just repeating what my parents were doing 30 years ago. This is a tricky scenario: you lost something at the beginning, you need to bring it back during the rest of your life.

Another important thing need to mention, Smart Lin will have her baby girl delivered later this month, DouDou will have her little sister to play with. Welcome to join the parent club Mr & Mrs Max!!