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DouDou achieve 4 months mile stone, here are the recent updates:

1. 4 month immunisation.

Local council send us 4 month immunisation notice, DouDou’s mum took her for the needle. :-( . As usual after a long wait it’s DouDou’s turn, she does know what will happen to her. Two nurses sit at each side, with countdown 1, 2, 3 each leg receive one needle, the process finished quite fast. When DouDou realized what’s happened the procedure was finished. She suddenly stop breathing and start to cry, looks she suffered a lot of pain :-) .

2. Drink Juice and Eat Solid Food

Another improvement with DouDou is she start to have solid food together with milk, not very success as she doesn’t know how to swallow, but she does not against this when comparing we taught her bottle feeding in the past. We also start to give her some juice and she likes it very much, especially with the apple juice. Today, we bought a juice maker plan to give her fresh juice every day :-)

  DSC_0775 DSC_0778

3. First visit to Opera House.

We went to bontanic garden this week, good weather for outing. We showed her the harbour, the opera house, the water and the trees. She is happy and we can feel that she is growing up. One highlight is I captured the moment “white bird attack man in black”, please see the video below, the show starts after 45 seconds of the movie.


 4. Find Nuk on sale at Target

remember the nuk teat we cannot find previously? They are on sale in Target. much expensive than almost all other brands. It is very effective for the bottle feeding indeed.  I would suggest this brand to all parents.