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It’s been a month since my previous post, only two major things need to recoreded here:

  • DouDou can sleep by herself
  • DouDou can use the bottle for feed.

It does mean something to this family. Once doudou can sleep her self, we don’t need to cradle her all the time, which is become harder and harder as she gains more weight. Once DouDou can take the bottle not her mum’s breast, means someone else can take the feeding task which free mum’s hand. The process to achieve this is not simple, took us almost the whole month to fight with her.

My decent advice for other young parents, teach your baby to sleep by him or herself as early as you can, don’t worry about he crying too much unless your baby is hungry, cold, hot or sick, in all other cases just close to your baby but don’t hold him/her up. If you have grand parents take this responsibility, that’s very good, however better ask them to do the same, otherwise once they no longer the guardian of the baby, you will in deep trouble. This is not my own experience, my colleague who has 4 kids, also give me this advice, please trust me as this is really necessary. You will find that baby getting used to new environment much quicker than you thought, even though the process is painful from parent point of view. But if you insist the parent will always be the winner party in the end.


Same story for bottle feeding, babies all had very shot term memory, initially she does not know what to do with the breast, she can suck the bottle quite easily at that time, two month later, once she had great skill with the breast feeding, she seems completely against the bottle. Every time when we try to feed her use the bottle, she starts to cry with tears :-( . however it is critical to let baby to use the bottle as mum will back to work in a few months time, also if she get older, it will be harder to make any change. We adopt the same routine: trained her with bottle one or two times a day. Surprisely the whole training process only took a few days, much better than what we expected, some parents even take a few weeks. Another possible reason for this “fast track camp” is aunt Xu brought us a very “Advanced” teat made by NUK, it’s much soft than those silicon products on the market. I could not find this product from any shop around us that’s why it took a long way to get it from the upper atmosphere. Anyway, since doudou has the ability to use the bottle, me and DouDou’s Mum have a wonderful day without take care of feeding her. Now talk something about the trip.

Cannot remember how many time we’ve visited to nantian temple, but the last time DouDou’s mum make a wish in front of budda before she was pragnant and now we are returning to the temple to fulfill the vow. It is a such a perfect day for travel escepially without worring about feed the baby.