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In a blink of eye, DouDou already celebrated her first 100 days in this world.

Look at DouDou’s picture of 100 days, very similar to her dad when I was 100 days old. If using computing terms to explain this: Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V, this is something I am really proud of: my baby not only carry my surname but also carry my appearence.

I should aggree, once you had a baby, your life will be shifted to a different demension, even you had a lot other hands avaiable for help. You will have a extra care to take, extra things to consider. As a dad I haven’t expeirenced too much change since DouDou was born, as I went back to work after one month of the birth. But I know that will happen in the short future, Therefore at this time, I would like to thanks for my wife for her day and night endless effort for taking care of the baby, my mum and my parents in law for their huge help which shared a lot of mum’s burden, my dad for his best whishes. Also thanks for all friends who visit us and bring lovely gifts for DouDou.

I also want to thanks doudou as she brought a lot happiness to this family, she also helped us to understand how the love was inheritent from our parents. It also help us filled in the memory gap when we were a baby. What we can do is to provide her a happy childhood, try our best provide her everything we could within our capibility. Next mile stone will be 1 year birthday, I am really looking forward for that moment.

In summary, it’s a wonderful 100 days in our life, we love doudou, it’s the best gift from God.