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Today is the last day for Year of OX, all Chinese will celebrate tonight for the coming new year which is Year of Tiger. There might be a big celebration somewhere in the city right now, however DouDou is too Young to join the party and there will be a shower or two today.

Previous week was a really busy week for me to finish a project before it was due next Monday and thankfully I manage to finalised everything last Friday so that I can enjoy this weekend we families. Another celebration is DouDou just turned into 2 months this week. Not major improvement from last update, according to mum she is more settled during night, need to feed her 3 times now.

According to the Chinese Horoscope, DouDou’s Daddy will have super luck during Year of Tiger, how nice is that!! Well, we will find it out at the end of this year, just by checking how many of my 2010 resolutions were fulfilled.

As a tradition, red is the main color for Chinese to celebrate the new year, red posters, red flowers, red firecrackers or even cloth in red is necessary especially for people who was born during the Year of Tiger. DouDou’s mum and Grandma made some simple new year’s decoration which makes home looks great.

For those too yong to remember or too quick to forget, this moment must be recorded. Happy Year of Tiger DouDou!!!