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One Two Three

Thanks for DouDou’s mum to produce a mini me. 90% of Friends after visiting us says that DouDou is a little version of her daddy :-) . Great, now you might image that a little version of you running and jumping, crying and laughing. Another wonderful moment.

Before DouDou was born, we would thought that doudou will look like her mother or as pretty as her mum. She wants a girl with big eyes as she had. Now she is a little disappointed as everyone says DouDou looks like her daddy and daddy’s eyes are not big enough. I told DouDou’s mum, “you have a daughter who likes the person you love, this is a great thing isn’t it.”

Another wonderful comment is from Grandma. She said, hold DouDou is like holding me, she feels that time gets rewound, I become baby again and she back to the age when I was born. Well, I am not sure in the future I would have that feeling or not.

All right, some summary about the pasting week, DouDou learned new skill: sucking her finger. She can accidentally do this trick previously, however it just accidentally, now she can suck her finger whenever she like which means she had more control of her hand. Oh, BTW, we think doudou is right handed as her right hand has more accurate movement than the other one. When she settled, if you talk to her gently, she seems trying to talk to you as well, her eyes trying to pass you some information at the same time she produce “yiyiyaya” sound which is another way of communication. Wonderful little thing.