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After 6 weeks, we noticed that doudou’s skin tuning much brighter now. Comparing her skin color a few weeks ago, w can see her jaundice starting to disappear, the old skin starting to peal off slowly, her face shows a different color now. Even from morning to evening we can see the difference.

DouDou’s sleep overall become more stable now compare with the time she first back home, however it was overall performance, just like a stock, it can be good or can be bad even though the long term trend was climbing up. 

A few new skill learned: control her head more accurately and the action can last longer, grab whatever things she can reach, recognise sound and different person more sensitive than before, however belly sleeping still one of her favorite trick.

Another mile stone we achieved is already bring more than $10 US dollars Ads income , thanks for all of u who click the ad regularly when visiting. Please strike harder on the ad links whenever u can, by doing this will buy a coffee for DouDou’s mum as a reward for her late night shift, or help DouDou’s daddy to pay cost to maintain doudou’s website, or save a few dollars for a few extra nappies …