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Here is the list for 2009:

  • 1.Baby Coming.
  • 2. New Investment.
  • 3. Family United.
  • 4. Fit in Fitness.
  • 5. Learn Something New (Career Related).
  • 6. Tame the Bulge
  • 7. Improve My English.
  • 8. Get Organised.
  • 9. Help Others
  • 10. Get 100k Salary or New Job : )

I made this list on 26/Jan/2009, now almost a year passed, let me check how many of them were fullfilled:

  • baby already said “hello world”, Pass. :)
  • For the previous year, even you pick the stock using you toe and making judegement using you knee, you can at least earn 25% profit. For dummy like me, making some profit is enough. Pass. :)
  • mum’s here, in law is here. new daughter born. Pass. :)
  • emm, this hard to judge, I estimated that I lost 5 gram per day overall, I drop 4 kilos since DouDou was born. This isn’t that dramatic. Fail. :(
  • I learned MVC, LINQ someother new concept, really haven’t heavily used so far, however be prepared. Pass. :)
  • I haven’t got  6 pack yeat, still 5 to go. Fail. :(
  • One day one word is my aiming. Pass. :)
  • Orgnised, haven’t really applied this yet, however once baby comes, all parent will have this ability automatically. Pass. :)
  • I help ppl whenver I know they are in trouble. I give this a Pass. :)
  • Haven’t got 100k plus yet again, however will try in 2010 or even further. Fail. :(