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Hello World!!

After stying in hospital for 4 nights, we finally got discharge permission from the hospital. The whole exciting family carry the new little member back home, I cannot wait to put doudou in the cot.
however it is worth to do a little summary of what’s happend with baby and mum when staying in the hospital. Let’s start from the mum:

  • Cannot Sleep!!! This would be the first feeling for every young mum after having the baby, especially for my dear wife who had only 9 hours sleep in 5 days. If no pain killer used during labour, the baby will be more active. Good for the baby, bad for the mum.
  • Get recovered. After giving birth to a baby, the mum lost huge amount of energy or from Chinese medicine point of view: “chi”, which controls human body’s physical condition. Therefore eat well drink well and stay away from cold.
  • Get Exercise. My parent said mum should stay in bed as long as she can, the doctor here suggested that new mum should do some exercise when she feels all right, I think after a few days, when she feel ok, she can have a little walk as this will help to get recover soon.
  • Start to learn. Even though we read lots of related to baby caring, when deals with real situation, still no clue of what to do. Therefore, ask mid wife whenever you had question. Such as nappie change, warp the baby or give the bath. Sometime different mid wife have their own routine to do the same thing, pick up the one you think suitable for you. Plus normally, some hospital have parenting class for new parent, it is also very good place to learn and asking questions.
  • Start to feeding the baby. Different person have different experience with this, some baby pick up quite easily some are not, like my DouDou, she still not learning how to do a proper sucking without the nipple shield. This can be very frustrating as baby will keep crying without having enough milk, mum and everyone else were worried. One quick way to help is as mentioned earlier, using nipple shield. The ultimate solution is still teaching the baby to learn how to do proper sucking, be patient this process may take a few weeks.

All right, for the baby, simple and not simple:

  • Eat, Drink, Poo, Wee and Sleep are 5 skills that all baby have. DouDou does not need eat anything for the first 36 hours. however she had more than 8 poo for the first 24 hours, the color is pretty similar to black sesame.
  • Learning new things. DouDou is learning new thing everyday. how to control legs, arms how to eat and drink (although not success in the first few days), how to see things, try a different new crying skills or different combination of  “gugugaga” and getting to know everything outside the mum’s tummy.
  • Get checked, Get immunization.

Almost every mum and every baby will have similar experience. Hopefully this will help.